Innovations & Startups

Accelerating sustainable development pathways in cities by supporting enterprises that are solving some of the biggest problems of our time.

Municipalities in India are resource-strapped, they are significantly behind on service provisions and climate change risks continue to exacerbate. Nurturing urban innovations is one way to overcome time and resource constraints. Leveraging novel processes, products and practices, to tackle resource and climate-related challenges, can enable swift and sustainable growth that results in better public service provisioning.


At WRI India Ross Center, our aim is to support innovation for cities by providing enterprises with guidance, visibility and access to government, networks and funding for pilot projects. We have created multiple platforms for stakeholder interaction and dialogue along with formulating a unique methodology for accelerating innovation in cities:

  • Evaluate: Problem statements are sourced through various dialogues, engagements and policy research. Through an open call for applications, a wide variety of enterprises are engaged to discern their business model and vision before selecting a cohort for the accelerator program.
  • Bridge: Once the cohort is selected, a customized accelerator program aims to bridge the gaps between all stakeholders, associated with the problem statement, by bringing them together on a single platform. These include the Indian government (at all scales), investors, consumers, technical and business experts and entrepreneurs.

  • Accelerate: In order to scale these enterprises, capacity building and piloting opportunities are facilitated. The platform also helps the quadruple helix of the government, the private sector and investors, academia and community to engage with each other, along with assisting entrepreneurs in adapting their offerings and building trust and confidence among these key stakeholders.

  • Training and capacity building: Creating training modules in subjects critical in reducing the affordable housing gap are undertaken with government partners.